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Piadina Stuffed Dough for Piadina

We realize dough supplying activities such as bars and restaurants who want to prepare the Piadina at home. The mixture is realized with the employment of modern kneading machines but is then worked and packaged manually in a protected atmosphere.

We are ready to prepare all the necessary quantities with a minimum notice of just 2 working days.

Dough with flour ground in natural stone

Our Piadinas are made with a special blend of flours created ad hoc by Molino Pelliccioni the number one artisan producers of flour in Italy.

Dough with lard

The mixture, with the addition of lard, is built according to the traditional recipe and using only products of the territory. Lard makes the Piadina crispy outside and soft inside also giving an unmistakable aroma that is released during cooking.

Dough with olive oil

The dough made with extra virgin olive oil makes the Piadina softer and lighter. The secret consist in the use of top-quality olive oil.

Dough with whole wheat flour

The dough with whole wheat flour is achieved by adding also a part of white flour “0”, and oil of excellent qualities that makes the EVO particularly pleasant taste, not only for the „traditional“ one but even for this version of the piadina.


Technical features:

● The dough is sold in cartons containing 1 stick of 12,000 kg each and should be stored between + 2 ° C and + 4 ° C

● Leave the product for about 1/2 hour at room temperature before using.

● minimum durability (TMC): 9 days from the date of production

● It’s possible to freeze (T = -18 ° C) with suitable equipment within 3 days from the date of production.

● Thaw in the refrigerator and work the product within four days.

● The product supplied is not from Genetically Modified Organisms


All strictly artisanal