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Sale Piadina Precooked


We produce pre-cooked or already cooked Piadinas handmade, one by one. The cooling takes place naturally, at room temperature, so that the product does not undergo any alteration and maintains intact the organoleptic properties.

We are ready to prepare all the necessary quantities with a minimum notice of just 2 working days.

Piadina with lard
Piadina with lard reflects 100% of the local tradition. The addition of lard makes the dough particularly fragrant making it a crispy outside and soft inside.

Piadina with olive oil
Adding olive oil EVO gives the piadina softness and lightness.

Piadina Wrap
The Piadina wrap, made with lard and olive oil EVO, is very thin and particularly suitable for the preparation of tasty rolls which can be filled as desired.


Technical features:

• Piadina partially cooked, packaged in boxes of Kg. 5.100 containing 30 wraps each gr.170
• The product should be stored between + 2 ° C and + 4 ° C. Before being consumed, it must complete the baking on a piaster at 240 ° C for about one minute per side
• The product supplied is not from Genetically Modified Organisms


Piadina for all tastes


Tasty piadina for eyes and palate