Piadina of the Maioli Brothers – cibando.com

What we like 

– Seeing the piadina expressed at piaster then garnishing it
– That with ham, squaquerone and rocket is addictive
– The excellent for various fillings, raw materials such as salted pork, prosciutto cotto “as once” Capitelli, the Trentino speck, datterini tomatoes, the ‘spicy nduja (sausage spread) … the more you have the more you put
– The affordable price: for a giant piadina and a beer, only € 8

To know 

– The piadina is prepared according to the secret recipe of the grandparents of Mirko and Alessandro Maioli
– In addition to the interior of Eataly, the piadina of theMaioli brothers can be find in their restaurant in Cervia, Le Ghiaine
– The deliciously retro look of the store / dining Le Piadine of the Maioli Brothers is in a typical style kiosk on the Riviera Romagnola, with wood finishes, white and blue stripes, portholes and sloping roofs
– Here are full crowd every day, baked and eated in an average of 850 piadinas every day!

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